This is a procedure of interference of the sides CLIENT and COMPANY and terms of their responsibility.

1. One day before the set delivery date CLIENT connects the COMPANY for co-ordination of
period and terms and sends a written letter proceeding of foregoing works. By the time of reaching an agreement on the terms CLIENT sends to COMPANY written form-request.

2. In the delivery request letter CLIENT provides the information below:
  • Date of proceeding of delivery
  • Characteristics of cargo
  • Quantity of cargo places (items)
  • Weight of cargo (gross and net)
  • Cost of cargo
  • Number of AWB (transport invoice) with providing of the original (or basing on the
  • agreement with the COMPANY, copy of the original), number and date of invoice with
  • foregoing provision of the original (or basing on the agreement with the COMPANY, copy
  • of the original), in case of arrival of cargo by air (or other transport) and the necessity of its
  • further customs declaration.
  • Exact address of place of receiving of cargo and time of receiving of cargo.
  • Exact address of place of destination and time of destination.
  • Name, passport information and contacting telephone numbers of a person assigned for transport of a cargo.
3. In case of changing of deliverygetting date or place of destinationgetting of cargo CLIENT informs COMPANY in written not later then for six hours of intending time for getting of cargo.

4. COMPANY confirms CLIENT receiving the delivery request by fax in the same day. COMPANY points out in the confirmation the period of fulfilling delivery request.

5. All words and conditions of deals within of the Agreement are confidential and can not be proclaimed by both sides before written confirmation of other side.

6. The transportation can be done after exchange by written request/confirmation letters only.

7. COMPANY delivers CLIENT cargo in according with Russia rules for valuables transportation and handling.

8. Transporting cargo should be sealed and packed into such packing which excepts access to valuables without damage of seal or pack. The pack should provide safekeeping delivery and loading operations.

9. After checking of unbroken seals and pack the COMPANY representative signs a receipt and accepts the cargo. COMPANY accepts full responsibility for cargo safety since the moment of singing the receipt in getting of the cargo and till the moment of getting signed receipt by consignee in the point of destination.

10. In arriving of COMPANY employees with the cargo to the point of destination authorized consignees person demonstrates them warrant of attorney, passport and checks amount of delivered pieces, its seals and pack and signs a receipt. In case of discovered damages of seals or pack the authorized consignees person and COMPANY employees makes checking of valuables and signs a receipt about such checking.

For making customs clearance on behalf of CLIENT COMPANY and CLIENT sing the additional agreement for customs clearance operations.




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